Chapter 0

Changing search engines

Bruh That was extremely easy wtf did i just see. So i decided to change my search engine to FireFox since Google is literally designed to spy you. So, i downloaded firefox and the first thing it asked was to move bookmarks, passwords, history and other data from google. wow. Thats it. Bruh. But, you […]

Daily goals – day 68

Hey guys! guess what happened today. I fucked up my schedule today as well. I stayed until 230am playing osu, woke up at 1130, accompanied sis for 6h and did almost nothing. osu!: Yeah i was bored yesterday and downloaded this back. Managed to waste 8h in 36h which took away all my energy plus […]

Time management is a hard

Im gonna come out clean. Im extremely addicted to my phone (and i think almost 90% people have it). There are only 3 things that i do constantly on my phone. One is youtube, other is FB, Lastly manga. Youtube: This massive platform, so fucking good at keeping me on it that im using it […]

Daily goals – day 67

Somehow, i managed to top yesterday and was more tired today. Thank god tomorrow is a national holiday celebrating something. I will sleep. Notes: bringing tea, forgetting my shoes and water and running to the bus before it goes, What the fuck was supposed to happen today on THU, bombing all tests i can see […]

Daily goals – day 66

Yesterday was stressful and i didnt sleep quite well. So another short blog, just me planning tomorrows plan. Grammar Exercise 12 to 20 Kanji Exercise 5 to 15 Prepare bit by bit for the massive end of semester tests that is coming to give you a full on goatsee if you dont study. […]

Daily goals – day 65

Hello. Welcome do my daily complaining blog. For todays ep, we will be talking about family issues. I want to do my shit like planned out goals for the day but the shit happening around is affecting me mentally alot. This. Fucking. Retard. I cant fucking believe it. No, i didnt want to believe it. […]

Daily goals – day 64

AAAHHHHHHH. lack of sleep… Notes: a girl literally talking about porn and going through my phone and putting literal hentai. We discussed a small bit about vanilla vs hardcore. Euphoria EP6 only saw 30 sec of it. Change of schedule and not fucking knowing it. Dosing in class. Small exerise. Feet cold on bus. Traffic. […]

Daily goals – day 63

Damn i was busy today. When i went back home the shit i did took 60% of my free time. Like looking after my sisters, making food and doing the dishes. The remaining 40 % half of it is used very well, the other half was used to read manga/youtube videos. While i was on […]

Daily goals – day 62

Thats cute. I found a paper with 13 hentai titles i wrote down from Trash Taste to jack off later to it. This was when i was heavily addicted to porn, doing the deed twice a day. Now, after 7months of NNF(no nut forever) i dont even want to watch porn and started losing the […]


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