Daily goals

Daily goals – day 26

Today i tried to do more voice acting but all of the students were called to address a problem(not very important). And the plan was ruined. Now we are talking about the roles of the characters planning to send the voices to me tomorrow. This is quite fun.

  1. Do all the voice lines tomorrow(2 min video so easy)
  2. Do most of the homework. Native language, the other one, the remaining one. Japanese, Biology, Chemistry
  3. Edit a sample and send it to the members.
  4. Play genshin
  5. Sleep at 2300

Byee. Writing it daily has become a habit now.

By Wannabe Isekai writer

A teen who found out he can make a blogging website and made a blogging website. So he fucking decides to upload his shitty written isekai story.

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