Daily goals

Daily goals – day 25

Wow. Trying to voice act and failing with my 2 fellow members, is quite fucking fun. Also someone from school(which is generally hated by the students) came in and praised me for my club, that was surprising. A fool moon night slaps man. I didnt do much of the set goals because huh, why didnt i do it today? Anyway tomorrows goals.

  1. Go and voice act with 3 members at school
  2. Get 2 peoples voice acting via messenger
  3. Write the remaining script(we are voicing an anime unofficial)
  4. Sleep at 2330

Small steps lead to big things so im gonna keep taking it.

By Wannabe Isekai writer

A teen who found out he can make a blogging website and made a blogging website. So he fucking decides to upload his shitty written isekai story.

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