About me

Hi i’m a 115kg overweight horny 16 yo teenager who is in a 3rd world country and hating everysingle bit of it. My big goal in life is to get the fuck out of this place within 5 years and settle down in a more safer place like in some Europe countries.

My interests are video editing, writing and 2d animation. Note i am very interested in 2d editing but for the life of god this shitty laptop is so slow i can’t hope to do anything on it. So i decided to turn my attention on other things like more writing and very small video editing(and blogging). Also you can’t forget some fat anime titties the stuff that i like the most even though it’s been 3 months since i nutted. That was the no bullshit very bad written “About me”, byeeee.

note: this will be re written entirely

By Wannabe Isekai writer

A teen who found out he can make a blogging website and made a blogging website. So he fucking decides to upload his shitty written isekai story.

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