Uhh “pessimistic on the outside, optimistic on the inside” yeh that sounds about right.

Welcome to my site.

Enjoy seeing a 16yo fucking around making this.

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Daily goals – day 27

I did basically nothing today and i did nothing about the club too. Also its 2302 and i almost forgot about writing a blog holy shit. Do all the homework Exercise for 20min Deal with the club logistics Edit 1 GD video Sleep at 2215

Daily goals – day 26

Today i tried to do more voice acting but all of the students were called to address a problem(not very important). And the plan was ruined. Now we are talking about the roles of the characters planning to send the voices to me tomorrow. This is quite fun. Do all the voice lines tomorrow(2 min […]

Daily goals – day 25

Wow. Trying to voice act and failing with my 2 fellow members, is quite fucking fun. Also someone from school(which is generally hated by the students) came in and praised me for my club, that was surprising. A fool moon night slaps man. I didnt do much of the set goals because huh, why didnt […]

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